About Myself

Dr. Everett is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of SolutionsAe, a social entrepreneurial firm that entered into several unique ventures and partnerships. She has successfully managed a series of large-scale projects that have led to significant community benefits and outcomes. Giving is very important to Dr. Everett. Recently completing her Doctorate in Public Policy she works toward developing and supporting Economic Development in Poor Communities. She prides herself and her success as a social entrepreneur to her diligence to always seek true economic benefits for low-income communities that offer reciprocal benefits to all involved for any endeavor that her company becomes engaged. As such; SolutionsAe; has historically sought business opportunities that empower people at a community level through the creation of long-term- high wage- employment opportunities in low income and rural communities in the US and abroad.  She uses her career and academic training to identify and leverage economic development opportunities and collaborative partnerships that meet her combined business and socio- economic goals.


Dr. Everett has had significant experience in community development efforts to include accomplished work with the Historic District Development Corporation in Atlanta a group greatly responsible for the revitalization and restoration of the Atlanta Community and the Carter Centers Atlanta Project. Several communities and most importantly individuals have been successfully empowered as a result of Dr. Everett’s commitment to community first. Her commitment has had her to have been nominated to Harvard’s Community Builder Program; by the Carter Center; and the World Health Organization for her ability to create community partnerships and bring communities resources to support change.


Her desire to reach for the stars, core business competencies, and her leadership skills have led her to participate in contracting relationships and key roles that typically have excluded or have limited woman owned or minority participation in the support of global efforts for the Department of Defense (DoD) as an International Transportation & Logistics Corporation and Carrier, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) – Fuel Supplier with a Blanket Order Agreement for the Middle East, Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) supporting OCONUS Operations in Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands; Developer of innovative financial products and systems that support government, private sector, non profit, and faith based communities. She is the founder of the Building Change Program; GivingOnTheGo Tithing Platform; GOD is GOOD – Virtual Church Platform, and her most recent social giving platform Music Means More. Here work as been used by many she has served as a personal advisor to Kanye West and designed, developed, and launched most recently the Jesus Is King Platform to support the Sunday Service Ministry. She is known by many for her belief in GOD, her faithfulness, and her desire to spend her life as a problem solver to help improve the quality of life for others.




Dr. Ana Everett, PHD

  • Strategic Director and CEO